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Average dudes actually have a tough time getting love on dating apps

It’s tough out there for the average guy trying to find love. I know, the tears of sympathy are probably already welling in your eyes. New data from the dating app Hinge has shown that only a small segment of dudes are getting the lion’s share of the likes. So, if it feels like rough stuff out there for you, a middle-of-the-road chap, that might explain it. Read more:
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Instagram is updating its comments with conversation threads

Today, Instagram announced a major upgrade to its comments section that will let people thread different conversations under a single post. The feature was first reported as a test on Android apps earlier this summer, but now, the company is adding threaded comments to everyone’s accounts on both Android and iOS. Read more:
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Dating in other parts of the world can get weird

Love is a universal thing. Dating, not so much.

Going out, hookups and relationships in countries and cities around the world are not exactly the same as what singles experience in New York City. Expats and global travelers say it’s typically harder to date here than anywhere else, given the ultracompetitive environment.
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Phubbing Is the New Relationship Trend to Make You Hate Dating

In the digital age, we have a lot of terms for bad relationship behavior. There’s ghosting, haunting, and benching or breadcrumbing, just to name a few. Thanks to our iPhones and social media, it’s become easier and easier to weave in and out of one someone’s life on a whim.
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This dating app lets users match with celeb lookalikes

A dating app is offering people the chance to meet lookalikes of their favourite celebrities thanks to new facial recognition technology. Through the app, called Badoo, singletons can choose any well-known star they fancy – or even upload a picture of a non-famous person who they know – to find doppelgangers nearby. The dating company said the new feature would enable people’s celebrity wish lists to “become a reality”.