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Dating app users don’t want ‘friends with benefits’, survey says

Maybe we’re heeding the admonitions of oft-ridiculed romantic comedies. Or maybe we’re deciding that regular sex without a romantic connection can be a recipe for a broken heart. Whatever the reason, the infamous “friends with benefits” relationship is the least sought-out among Americans who use dating apps, according to a recent survey by the Clue app and Kinsey Institute at Indiana University.
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There’s now a dating app for polygamists

Finding a second, third or fourth wife is about to get a whole lot easier with the launch of a new dating application designed for Muslim men in Indonesia who wish to enter polygamy. Set to launch in October, Ayopoligami – or “let’s do polygamy” – is described as a “platform that works to match male users with women ready to be part of a large family.”
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Date Cougar Become Cub

So you think you may be interested in dating a cougar? Excellent choice. Every man should date a cougar at least once in his lifetime.

Even Benjamin Franklin agreed, famously advising a young friend to always choose an older woman for a mistress. Cougars are women over age 35. They already know what they want, so make sure you’re prepared to please them. Read more:
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Women reveal biggest dating app turnoffs

Flash a smile, put effort into your bio and NEVER leave your page blank: Women reveal what makes dating app profiles standout (and why you should think twice about puppy photos!)

  • Dating platform Bumble has looked into the habits of Australian women  
  • In a report, women revealed their biggest profile turnoffs and preferences  
  • Interestingly, women in their thirties are not so swayed by puppy photos
  • It found that women have missed opportunities by not making the first move

 Read more:

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Tinder’s effort to monetise dating takes gold as it becomes top grossing iOS app

Mobile dating app Tinder has had a solid affirmation of its monetisation efforts by becoming the top grossing App Store app following the global launch of its premium subscription service Gold. The chart measures the top earning apps each day and weighs them accordingly. On top of this, App Annie has shared data showing that the app has been in the top 15 earners for the whole of the year on account of its 2015 service, Tinder Plus providing a solid revenue stream.
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23-year-old mother killed herself over fake Tinder account in her name

A young mother reportedly killed herself on the night of her birthday, after a “sicko” created a fake account on Tinder and was contacting men on the dating app using her profile photo. Leanne Morrison, 23, had been targeted with the abuse as part of a campaign by online trolls and, in the months leading up to her death, had criticised what she called “pathetic, disgusting lies” being said about her.